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Since her grandmother’s passing 8 years ago, and witnessing the rise in hate, bigotry, and antisemitism across the country our founder felt a growing need and responsibility to raise her voice and speak out. To share her grandmother's experiences during the Holocaust and to educate all about the critical and universal lessons we learn from the Holocaust about the dangers of hate, bigotry, and othering.


To honor her grandmother and all those who suffered and lost their lives during the Holocaust, and to fight against the effects of hate, bigotry, and othering in our communities and society today, she started The Undaunted Foundation.

The Undaunted Foundation is committed to speaking out against hate and bigotry in all its forms, fighting for equity and justice for all, and increasing tolerance, respect, and compassion for all through education and service opportunities.

We will not be daunted by the suffering we see in the world; instead, we are committed to standing against hate and injustice and raising awareness about the harmful effects they have on individuals, groups, and society. 

We are dedicated to expressing love, compassion, dignity, respect, and tolerance to all.  We believe there is hope for a better world because we choose to stand, speak, and act against hate and injustice.

In the wake of tragedy and injustice, many may ask “What can I do?”  The Undaunted Foundation seeks to provide education and service opportunities to enable all to stand, speak, and act against hate and injustice through our Dolls of Hope, Voices of Hope, and Perla's Hope projects and events. 


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