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We are dedicated to speaking out against hate and injustice and committed to increasing tolerance, love, and compassion for all through education and service opportunities.


Dolls of Hope

Every child deserves a toy. Make a doll or teddy bear to bring comfort to a child in crisis.


Voices of Hope

Send a card to someone who has been a victim of hate, bullying, or racism.


Perla's Hope

Learn more about the Holocaust and how "Never Again" starts with each of us. 

Available For Your School, Classroom, or Home! 



We are excited about our Bulletin Board Displays for the National Heritage and History Months.   For each month, we spotlight leaders, inventors, artists, authors, activists, etc.  Our goal is to help create a safe, inclusive environment for all students in our schools. We believe representation is important and as we spotlight people from different backgrounds we know it will not only help the children who don’t often see people who look like them or who speak their language celebrated, but it will help all children in a school.  We also believe there is great value in learning about the contributions and achievements of all those who have helped and continue to help make the United States the country it is today.  

Our displays can be used by school administrators, PTA’s, teachers, and even families. 

Our Bulletin Board Displays are available to download for free, however, a suggested donation of $20 will assist in our efforts to pay the BIPOC artists and illustrators fairly for their work creating the coloring pages for us each month. 

Free Downloads:

Why Celebrate Heritage and History Months

Sample Emails and Letters about Bulletin Board Displays, etc

Diverse Winter Holidays

Hispanic  and Latino/ Latine Heritage Month

Native American / Indigenous Heritage Month

Black History Month

Women's History Month

Arab American Heritage Month

Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Jewish American Heritage Month

Lunar New Year Coloring Page

Read Across America Resources

Bulletin Boards
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