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Help us provide a Title 1 elementary school in Provo, Utah with diverse and inclusive books.*

About the School:

Spring Creek Elementary is a Title 1 school with a diverse and dynamic population. Spring Creek is home to students from many different cultures and backgrounds. We feel that it is important for each of our students to understand and learn about the richness and beauty of each others' cultures in order to develop empathy and appreciation for one another.

A message from the Librarian of Spring Creek Elementary:

"All 5 of my children have attended Spring Creek.  We have been very active in sharing our Native American cultures with the school community through assemblies and class presentations. I saw a marked difference in how the community respectfully responded to our Native cultures simply from this face-to-face interaction. My children also strengthened their self-confidence in being seen, heard, and understood. Now that I am a Librarian, I wanted to take this understanding to a new level through thoughtfully selected books on Native cultures that can be used as resources by students, parents, and teachers alike. I am also a firm believer that children of every culture need to see themselves represented in the world through media, role models, and books. This is why it is vital that diversity and multicultural resources be made available to every student at every school."

*All books will be purchased from Native American/Indigenous Bookstores.


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We are dedicated to speaking out against hate and injustice and committed to increasing tolerance, love, and compassion for all through education and service opportunities.


Dolls of Hope

Every child deserves a toy. Make a doll or teddy bear to bring comfort to a child in crisis.


Voices of Hope

Send a card to someone who has been a victim of hate, bullying, or racism.


Perla's Hope

Learn more about the Holocaust and how "Never Again" starts with each of us. 

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