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U.S. Millenial Holocaust Knowledge and Awareness Survey

The results of the U.S. Millennial Holocaust Knowledge and Awareness Survey, the first 50 state survey on Holocaust knowledge among Millenials and Gen Z (those born between 1981 - 2015) was released yesterday and revealed some shocking findings.

Among the findings: • 63% didn’t know that about 6 million Jews were murdered • 36% thought that 2 million or fewer Jews were killed during the Holocaust • 11% of respondents reported they believed Jews caused the Holocaust • 19% of respondents in New York, the state with the largest Jewish population believed Jews caused the Holocaust

Speaking about the study: “With fewer living Holocaust survivors who can serve as eyewitnesses to the genocide and with a new wave of anti-Semitism in the U.S. and Europe, some worry that the seven-decade rallying cry "never forget" is being forgotten. Disturbingly, the majority of adults in the poll believed that something like the Holocaust could happen again, the survey found.”

Some may wonder why learning about the Holocaust is so important.

"When you learn the history of the Holocaust, you are not simply learning about the past," Lipstadt said. "These lessons remain relevant today in order to understand not only anti-Semitism, but also all the other 'isms' of society. There is real danger to letting them fade."

Since her grandmother’s passing almost 5 years ago, and witnessing the rise in hate, bigotry and anti Semitism across the country our founder felt a growing need and responsibility to raise her voice and speak out. To share her grandmother's story and the critical and universal lessons we can learn from the Holocaust, to help prevent the effects of hate, bigotry and othering in our communities and society. To honor her grandmother and all those who were lost, and to do everything within her power to make sure history doesn't repeat itself, she started The Undaunted Foundation.

The Undaunted Foundation is committed to speaking out against hate and injustice, to fighting for equity and justice and to increasing tolerance, love and compassion for all through education and service opportunities.

We encourage you to read the full

report here:

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